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Alessandro Carano

Alessandro Carano (was born in Gallarate,  -VA- 1984). His partistic practice is marked by a great interest in the concept of painting itself, shifting the focus from pure technicality to a world that contains love of art for art’s sake. Lines and colors become ways to fully express the potential of the support, which is oftentimes concealed by the artists. The canvases as well as the materials that Carano uses are transformed into the main protagonists of the work, provoking a sensation of discovery in the eyes of the viewer. Not only does he exalt the forms but he also brings out their peculiarities; thus the large canvases become a precise interweaving of brushstrokes like small miniatures that follow the fabric and the warp of the weave, revealing the movements enclosed and hidden to the eyes of most. Nothing is superfluous, the artist "listens" and continues what the support suggests. For instance, staples are usually placed to fix the canvas, whereas in his paintings they are placed in the foreground and become an integral part of the artwork. Alessandro treats individually every single dot as if he processes them as a monochrome, leaving some unpainted in such a way as to bring out this aspect, until every single weaving is transformed into lines. Thus, it becomes curious to note how in his paintings the errors, being the only superfluous elements, become the only decorative parts of the works. His paintings continuously dialogue with each other, through the file rouge that connects them together and makes them accomplices of a larger design. It is therefore through the details that his paintings come to life within a precise imaginary, in which the artist and his supports become a unicum capable of fascinating and leading to secret worlds, of which the key is the transformation of what is already there, but yet to be discovered. 

When i was 20, i did not have a brain

Acrylic printed on juta

120 x 120cm

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-22 at 23.48.54.jpeg

In cooperation with Castiglioni 

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