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Barbara Colombo

Barbara Colombo (Vimercate 1969) deconstructs the body of her monochromes, the result of superimpositions of different materials, reducing them to jumble of fragments tied to the wall and it also plays with visual deception by presenting what is actually heavy as light. There lightness understood in a semantically broad sense. Free yourself from the weight of things, of matter, of density, is valid as a metaphor for the function of art, which frees us momentarily from the gravity of our existential alienation. Then there is the desire to overcome the burden, the mortgage of the royalties, whatever they may be, in the name of a truly unconditional freedom of experimentation this path takes place for reduction, thinning, partial loss

"Senza titolo" 2020, details

 "Senza Titolo" 2018
mixed media on rice paper


WhatsApp Image 2021-12-23 at 23.00.20.jpeg

 Installation view, 
"Senza titolo" Silver, 2014
Senza Titolo" 2020
mixed media on rice paper


WhatsApp Image 2021-12-23 at 23.07.58.jpeg
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