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Barbara  De Vivi

The life of images, their hybridization and overlapping, is central to the research of Barbara  De Vivi. In particular, she is interested in how an image survives over time to re-emerge in new contexts, leaking from the stratification of eras that separates it from our present.


In her paintings she bridge traditional iconographic motifs with personal istances and contemporary aesthetics, outlining tales that, while referring to a shared cultural heritage, remain open in the coexistence of meanings.

She is guided in the choice of subjects by an emotional identification through which she weaves links between her private experiences and the themes of art history, in an attempt to give shape to her present.



"Serpenti di bronzo" (2021)
mixed media on canvas, 90 x 70 cm
"La dodicesima notte" ( 2021)
oil on canvas, 
110 x 130 cm

De_Vivi (2).jpg

"Nightwatch", (2020) 
mixed media on canvas, 180 x 150 cm
"La tredicesima notte",
oil on canvas,140 x 200 cm


The artist, Barbara De Vivi
Detail " La dodicesima notte"

In cooperation with @Galleria Poggiali

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