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Carlo Dell'Acqua

His exploration involves techniques of various kind, from painting, photography and video to the manipulation and reworking of everyday objects and materials to installations and performances.


The multiform techniques explore the different modes of stress, disarticulation, fragmentation to which the identities of things and of those who look at them and use them are subjected. In artistic practices, physical action, even violent and destructive, is often privileged, followed by a sort of second creation.

"Gstaad" (S/Oggetti parziali) (2020)
porcelain, box

60 x 60 x 13,5cm


"Carosello" (2021)
iron,  various dimension 

Paravento" (2018)
mixed media

169 x 160 x 4 cm

"Oggetti Parziali" (2021)

different dimension


"Oggetti Parziali" (2021)
different dimension

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