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Carlo e Fabio Ingrassia

The  twins Carlo e Fabio Ingrassia  (were born in Catania in 1985) they live and work in Milan.  

The artistic production of the Ingrassia twins is the result of a technical and planned duality.
Each project is carried out simultaneously and meticulously on the same square-centimeter of surface of the paper support. The structures of  mental images are developed through an additive and subtractive color mixing of pastels, in order to dissolve the sculpture onto the pencil’s trace, where the colour is obtained through saturation and glazes of grey. This aspect gives life to a detailed technical process carried out with a scientific attitude, in which each artist explores, with sculptural gestures of ever calculated and clean strokes, the grammar of colours and pigments. According to its absorbent properties of the paper, the pigments are stratified creating a perfect harmony between sharp and softened lines, in which the hands of the two authors become indistinguishable. The action of fragmenting the paper surface and their use of specialistic tools are also symptoms of an attempt to decipher pieces of reality eradicated from a context that goes through the tangible to ideal. As their objects are born out their own shadows in a constant dialogue between painting and sculpture. 

"L'insieme vuoto" (2016)
brass and colored sunflower oil, 11,8 x 11,8  cm


"Rinunciare all'idea di un altro mondo" (1669-2016)

1669-2016, Piroclasto (Vulcanic bomb)
glass 180 x 98 x 22cm

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-04 at 15.32.41.jpeg

"Il tempo scorre più veloce dei miei passi" (2021) glass and paper 14,8 x 14,8 cm

ingrassia_04 (1).jpg

PH courtesy Andrea Rossetti

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