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Danh Võ (born in 1975 in Vietnam, and danish by adoption) currently lives and works between Berlin and Mexico City. Emerging from personal relationships and fortuitous encounters, Vo’s projects take their final form as objects and images that have accrued shifting layers of meaning in the world, whether through their former ownership, their proximity to specific events, or their currency as universal icons.  The 'meaning' is not a quality that objects have ", explains Võ," it is something that we give them, that they acquire in an ideological, temporal, cultural context. Each of us looks at things differently, by virtue of what we bring with us. What I always try to do is detach myself from objects, let them have new meanings. This is how tension is created, between objects but also with people and environments, and new meanings are created. Danh Vō’s conceptual artworks and installations often draw upon elements of autobiography and collective experience to explore broader historical, social or political themes relating to migration, identification and authorial status. 



Some of the past exhibitions​:

  • (2018) The Guggenheim, NY

  • (2018) CAPC-Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux

  • (2016) Aspen Art Museum

  • (2015) Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

  • (2014)  Museo Jumex, Mexico City, Mexico

  • (2009)  Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

 Permanently collected by: 

  • Tra le collezioni permanenti

  • The Guggenheim, NY

  • Museion, Bolzano

  • Pinault Collection, Venezia

  • Ishikawa Foundation, Okayama

  • Kunsthaus Zurich, Zürich

  • Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel

DANH VŌ_woolbridge gallery

"Untitled", 2008
55 x 45 x 25 cm, Edition/ 4 + 2AP 

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