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Daniele Innamorato 

Daniele Innamorato ( born in Milan in 1969) lives and work in Milan.
His work emphasizes transversality.
An eclectic author encompasses a multiplicity of languages ​​in his work, combining elements of suburban culture, of an underground and punk matrix, with fashion, art and design.

Thanks to his father he learns about painting and his interest in this technique grows hand in hand with his passion for drawing, but it is thanks to photography that he decides to attend courses at Bauer in Milan .

"For two years I studied printing techniques and black and white reportage, deepening their foundations and meeting great protagonists such as Gabriele Basilico ... I realized that the initial enthusiasm expanded towards other expressive forms more linked to an impromptu creativity and personal "

"Untitled"  2021
Acrylic on canvas
300 x 200 cm

Daniele Innamorato
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