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Enzo Cucchi

Considered the most visionary among the artists of the Transavanguardia movement, Cucchi achieved international renown during the 80s. 


An autodidactic painter, since the very beginning of his career, Enzo Cucchi stood out as an artist of great originality against the backdrop of the conceptual panorama of the late 70s. While adopting the experimentalism typical of the tendencies of the time, Cucchi did not renounce more traditional expressive means in creating his art. His installations are made of different materials in which the image - whether painted, sculpted, or drawn - always maintains a primary role. For Cucchi, painting, sculpture, and drawing are the means necessary to externalize his own inner reality, a direct line to his own subconscious; his images belong to a poetic universe that often allude to the everyday world and its culture.


"Ombra alta" (2021)

paints, oil and ceramics on wood
  250 x 180 x 9 cm

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-30 at 17.07.52 (1).jpeg

"Quadro sfinito post pop" (2020)
oil, paints and mosaic on wood
250 x 360 x 9 cm


"La quadra" (2021)
paints, oil and ceramics on wood
270 x 180 x 9 cm

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-30 at 17.07.52.jpeg

In cooperation with Galleria ZERO

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