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Federica Perazzoli  (was born in 1966 in Swiss) currently lives and work in Milan.
She works using textures and fabrics to create environmental installations capable of transforming the domestic space itself in a work of art. He also experiments with large-scale painting, created specifically to provide continuity between different languages ​​and narratives, placing itself at the basis of the art / life relationship.  She creates   free and magical enchanted Forest, like in the  Eden artwork.

Alcune mostre ed esposizioni

 Some of the past exhibitions

  • (2021) Woolbridge Gallery, Biella

  • (2018) Galleria Massimo de Luca , Mestre 

  • (2016) Dimore studio, Dimore Gallery Milan 

  • ( 2014) Plastic Modern Art, Milan

(2012) Marselleria, Milano 

  •  (2002) Galleria Sergio Tossi 

"Eden", 2021

 410 x 210 cm, acrylic on canvas

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