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Artists from the Exhibition
"Zona Bianca Zero" curated by Giorgio Verzotti (Passed exhibition)

Filippo Manzini 

Filippo Manzini (was born in 1975 in Florence)  He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of the Tuscan city. He lived a few years between Los Angeles and Berlin, currently lives and work in Milan. 


His work stems from the need to overcome the closed space of the studio to confront the world, thus he blends sculpture, installation and performative action and chooses for his interventions public urban spaces where he inserts his works, creating ephemeral spontaneous installations then documented photographically.


Not otherwise, in closed spaces the work is always conceived in relation to the specific features of the environment.

Filippo Manzini's installations are inserted into the space as complementary elements of pre-existing structures: volumes and surfaces interpenetrate, while the materials interact with each other, generating states of tension, relationships of strength in which the result is the perfect balance of the parts.


The installation, seen from different perspective, was realized  site specifically for "Zona Bianca Zero". On the back the painting "Untitled"  1962  Carol Rama

Schermata 2022-02-06 alle 16.51.18.png
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