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Flavio Favelli (Florence 1967) is an Italian artist currently living and working in Bologna.

His research has been taking shape as an investigation into the flows of existence, as a subjective memory condensed into objects and spaces. The artist creates works using old objects of furniture or common use such as chandeliers, frames, bottles of Fanta or Coca Cola, trinkets that refer to the bourgeois aesthetics of the family environments in which he grew up or with references to the oriental culture deepened during his university studies. His works are collages, sculptures or installations in which these recycled materials are assembled, giving rise to superimpositions of meaning that isolate the object from mere material reality, elevating it to the artistic dimension.


Some of the past expositions: 

  • (2010) Tate Modern, Londra

  • (2010) American Academy di Roma

  • (2005) Museo Pecci Prato 

  • (2002) Fondazione Sandretto a Torino

  • (2002) Museo della Permanente

  • (2000) Palazzo Papesse Siena


Permanently collected by: 

  • Tate Gallery, Londra

  • GAM, Torino

  • Fine Arts Museum San Francisco, CA

  • Mambo, Bologna

  • Collezione La Gaia, Cuneo

  • Nomas Foundation Roma

  • Villa Croce, Genova

 “Archivio specchi”, 1984

 40 x 63 cm,  black glass, artist frame

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