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Francesca Banchelli

Francesca Banchelli, born in Montevarchi, trained as an artist at Saint Martin's College in London. In her works, she weaves together different disciplines, such as performance, video, sculpture and painting, often organizing the various media in large multi-faceted installations.

Fascinated by the dimension of unpredictability linked to the realization of public events, Francesca Banchelli often relies on radical experiments with collaborative projects.


In her paintings, we see bodies of women, men, dogs, birds and wild animals, drawn in fluid shapes, with bright, persuasive, acid or leaden colors, which create dreamlike compositions full of archaic references. Francesca Banchelli plunge us into a condition between real and surreal, in search of an empathic terrain between creatures and the planet, as a barrier to the increasingly virtual world in which we are immersed.




"Fuochi"(2021) ,
Oil on cotton, 250 x 150 cm

Francesca Banchelli
Francesca Banchelli

In cooperation with Galleria Poggiali

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