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He was born in Naples in 1981. He currently works between Naples and Geneva.


GM Masucci uses various media, including painting and drawing, video, drawing, photography and installation. His knowledge of art has been enriched over time, through a combination of painting, architecture, training and experience in theater and digital media. The relationship between the territory, the workspace and the body is one of the

main factors in Masucci's work.

Since 2018 he has been involved in the realization of the "Conjunction of Opposites" a participatory work that involves the entire city of Naples through laboratory and performative activities that start by listening to people's memories  in order to regenerate the sacredness of spaces, relationships, and community in a context of collective research. Art becomes a vector for breaking down walls, resistance and keystone for the rediscovery of a new way of being together.

The specificity of work finds its origin in the investigation and study of energy, movement in its visible and invisible manifestations, the processes through which it is expressed in the body, in time and in space, material and transcendental, through movement. and stasis, generating traces, signs and symbols. From observation derives a continuous flow that alternates concrete materials (inks, enamel, graphite) and the fluidity of digital media.


His works have been presented in museums, foundations and exhibition spaces including the MEP (Maison Européenne de la photographie), Espace Topographie de L'art - Paris, Galleria Analix Forever - Geneva, Care of DOCVA - Milan, Fondazione Merz - Turin , Mother Museum and Palace of Arts - Naples, Beirut Station - Beirut, Swabian Castle - Bari.


"La trasmutazione della fratellanza", 
graphyt on paper,

1000 cm x 100 cm

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