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Giovanni Termini

Giovanni was born in 1972 in Assoro (EN),  and he lives and works in Pesaro. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he has recently exhibited in national and international galleries.

Giovanni is an artist who prefers sculpture and installation as a means of communication. Elements borrowed from everyday life, urban planning and architecture become parts of installations that tell the precariousness of man, who moves in the balance in an unstable and dangerous reality. His installations, which evoke construction site spaces, represent a temporal dimension open to change and mutation. His work is centered on paradox, on the sense of precariousness and on a constant change of things and situations: Termini's poetics is therefore based on the use of ordinary materials stripped of their functionality to reveal a poetic dimension.



"Zona franca" (2006)

Galvanized iron, glass, steel and nylon bands
300 x 600 x 110cm

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