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Hiroshi Sugimoto (born in Tokyo Japan in 1947) is a Japanese artist and photographer. Since the 1970s he integrated performance and architecture to his multidisciplinary practice.  When he first arrived in New York in 1974, I visited many of the city's tourist sites, one of which was the the American Museum of Natural History” I made a curious discovery while looking at the exhibition of animal dioramas: the stuffed animals positioned before painted backdrops looked utterly fake, yet by taking a quick peek with one eye closed, all perspective vanished,and  suddenly they looked very real. I had found a way to see the world as a camera does” .


Some of the past exhibitions​:

  • (2020) Frame of Japan, Hosomi Museum, Kyoto

  • (2020) Kyoto City Kyocera, Museum of Art, Kyoto

  • (2019) Marian Goodman Gallery, NY  City

  • (2018) Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

  • (2018) Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

  • (2017) Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, London


Permanently collected by: 

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY City

  • MoMA, NY City

  • National Gallery, Washington

  • Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

  • Tate Gallery, London


 Gorilla, 1994

20 x 24 cm, gelatin silver on canvas

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