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Ignazio Mortellaro 

Ignazio Mortellaro (Palermo 1978) lives and works between Palermo and Noto. The study of reality, through its phenomena and paces, is the cornerstone of Mortellaro’s artistic research.
Thanks to his training as architect and engineer, his works combine the interest in many disciplines such as science, philosophy, music and literature. The drawing plays a central role in the planning opera, as a privileged instrument of synthesis and reasoning.
The production of the artist is heterogeneous, as he uses different media (sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation) to analyse the complex relationship between man and nature. A minimal and complex reworking that redefines also the technical tools of measurement invented by man, such as geographical and astronomical maps, pendulums, geometric figures and compasses. Among the personal exhibitions Matṛ - मात (2020), We are two abysses, a well staring at the sky  (2018), Barefoot stepping from lunar sands  (2017), Heaven Abolished (2015) and ‘Apar (2014) with the gallery FPAC Palermo | Milan, and group exhibitions in museum spaces such as the Merz Foundation of Turin, Riso Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily, Kunst Meran, the Delaware Contemporary of Wilmington and the Civic Museum of Castelbuono. Works by Ignazio Mortellaro are present in various private and public collections, such as the Archaeological Park in Syracuse where the pre-eminent Overturning Moment sculpture is located. In 2017 he founded Radiceterna Arte e Ambiente, a platform for the research and promotion of contemporary art, with which he curates a series of exhibitions (Allora & Calzadilla, Katinka Bock, Björn Braun) and a editorial series published by Hopefulmonster (Turin). The project also included the creation of a free library on the themes of Art and Nature. During the articulation of Ignazio Mortellaro’s works there is always music playing in the background and, at times, sound even becomes a part of the work itself. His interest in music led him to found in 2008 the collective Oblivious Artefacts active between Palermo, Rome and Berlin, which allowed him to curate the graphic concept of several record labels.

" Corals" detail


“Corals” (2020)
plaster on canvas, brass

100 x 100 cm & 80 x 100cm


“Land X - Finistére” (2016)
Iron, nylon wire, nails, wood
130 x 70 cm


In cooperation with Galleria Francesco Pantaleone

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