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Aldo Mondino (1938 -2005) was an italian sculptor and painter.
Mondino was an artist characterized by an ironic approach to art. Figures are the focal point of Aldo Mondino’s art. They are central to his art language be- cause they bear the intention and desire for the power of the imagination. Figures are the bearers of seduc- tion and bedazzlement. He used a range of unconventional materials in his works, including caramel and chocolate, and pioneered the art of painting on linoleum.

Some of the past expositions:
• 2019 Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea della Spezia, La Spezia
• 2015 Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin
• 2014 Shit and die, Palazzo Cavour, Torino
• 2014 GAM Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Torino
• 2013 Power Station of Art, Shanghai
• 2006 Arte a Milano, Hangar Bicocca, Milano
• 1992 Sultanahmet Museo Topkapi, Istanbul

Permanently collected by:
• The Parkview Museum Collection, Singapore
• Castello di Rivara, Rivara
• GAM, Torino
• Villa Croce, Genova

Title: "Vases on a pink background"/Year: 1997
Dimensions: 70 x 44 cm/Technique: Acrylic on cardboard

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