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Jonathan Lasker (Since the 1980s, Jonathan Lasker has transformed a visual language inherited from modernism into a syntax all his own, making paintings that exert both analytical rigor and an undeniably visceral appeal.
Although he creates these forms intuitively, the compositions themselves are highly structured and controlled. At the forefront of artists who re-established the possibilities of painting after Minimalism and Conceptualism emptied the picture-plane, he has mounted a challenge to the medium's status quo, creating a unique system of painting based on a figure-ground relationship, in which the figure and ground stand in a dialectical relationship to one another.

Some of the past exhibitions:
• 2011 MACRO, Roma
• 2005 Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Roma
1990 - 2011 Museo Pecci Prato
• 1990 Fondazione Cartier
• 1989, 1998 PAC, Milano

Permanently collected by:
• Mudam, Luxembourg
• The Hirshhorn Washington D.C.
• L.A. County Museum
• Moderna Museet Stockholm,
• Museum Ludwig Cologne
• Whitney Museum of American Art NY

Title: "Untitled"/Year: 1997
Dimensions: 220 x 165 x 11 cm/Technique: oil and pen on canvas

Title: "Untitled"/Year: 1996
Dimensions: 15 x 11 cm/Technique: Ball point pen, marker and acrylic on cardboard

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