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Massimo Kaufmann (born in Milan in 1963) lives and works in Milan. Si is always defined as a painter but he used the most disparate means of expression throughout his artistic production, arriving at canonically understood painting only at the end of the 90s. In the pictorial works, after the first strictly aesthetic fascination, the existence of a rigorous discipline that generates real chromatic atmospheres is evident.

Some of the past exhibitions:
• 2011 MACRO, Roma
• 2005 Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Roma
•. 1990 - 2011 Museo Pecci Prato
• 1990 Fondazione Cartier
• 1989, 1998 PAC, Milano

Permanently collected by:
• Mambo, Bologna
• Fondation Cartier,Paris
• De Appel Museum, Amsterdam
• GAM, Milano
• PAC, Milano

Title: "untitled"
Year: 1997
Dimensions: 40 x 78 cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas

MASSIMO KAUFMANN_woolbrige gallery
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