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also part of the previous show " Zona Bianca Zero"

also part of the previous show " Zona Bianca Zero"

Sergio Limonta was born in Lecco, studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and lives between Lecco and Milan.

His work reflects the etymology of a research that is always oriented towards experimentation, towards the idea as the fulcrum around which the construction of the work develops. Which, not surprisingly, is often made up of the elements just necessary to fulfill it. The result is a radical and synthetic artistic sign, devoid of dispersions and frills. Also oriented towards the recovery of exhausted materials, the reuse of ordinary elements and objet trouvé.
Despite the sometimes rude synthesis, Sergio Limonta's work is often cloaked in an innate elegance. Also thanks to a full vision of the dynamics of art and multiple interests, from music to experimental theater, poetry and architecture, which accompany the artist as hidden suggestions during the phases of the definition of his work. 
He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in various public institutions and private, among which we remember: 
• Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti, Milano (2022)
• Woolbridge Gallery, Biella (2021, 2022)
• Museo Novecento a Firenze (2019)
• Galleria Mazzoleni Londra (2019)
• Galleria Mazzoleni Torino (2018)
• MAMBO di Bologna (2016)
• Museo MAGA di Gallarate (2011, 2013 e 2016)
• Triennale di Milano (2009)
• Galleria Comunale di Monfalcone (2004)

installation view, " Zona Bianca Zero" curated by Giorgio Verzotti

MASSIMO KAUFMANN_woolbrige gallery
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