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John Bock (was born in 1965 in Schenefeld, Germany) is a german artist currently living and working in Berlin. He is a sculptor, filmmaker, action artist, author and maker of drawings, best known for his theatrical cosmos of genre-bending performances and installations. His works often converge in sprawling experimental setups that confound the senses. The Berlin-based artist explores the dark sides of the psyche and radically flaunts the breakdown of social and psychological taboos.


Some of the past expositions: 

  • 2019 Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin 

  • 2018 Fondazione Prada, Milano

  • 2017 Contemporary Austin,

  • 2017 La Panacée, Montpellier 

  • 2013 Bundeskunsthalle Bonn 

  • 2015 Kunstverein Hamburg 


Permanently collected by: 

  • Fondazione Prada, Milano

  • Fondazione Trussardi, Milano

  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo


  • GAM, Torino

 “O. T.” 2007
79 x 74 cm, pencil and colour on paper

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