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Wool bridge gallery John robinson

John Robinson Solo Show

John Robinson's works are inspired by the tradition of old masters of the 16th and 17th centuries, including the likes of Velazquez, Caravaggio and Goya, with particular attention to the self-portrait technique previously adopted by the likes of Dürer and Rembrandt and more recently by Frida Kahlo.


Robinson's figurative works offer a contemporary take on the rich tradition of portraiture. For the most part, the production of new visual signifiers is defined in accordance with one's own time, referring to mechanical reproduction, to moving images, and to digitization that took place in the twentieth century. Robinson's painting, on the other hand, appears problematic and laborious and offers a long path towards information, where skill and boredom coexist with equal equity in the painter's artistic research. This is a strange calling that provides an internship for one's theoretical death in correspondence with the speed of new contemporary artistic movements and trends.
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John Robinson_Wool Bridge Gallery
Wool bridge Gallery_John Robinson
Fountain_head_John Robinson_Wool Bridge Gallery
John Robinson_Wool Bridge Gallery
John Robinson_Wool Bridge Gallery
John Robinson_woolbrige art gallery
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