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Lula Broglio 

Having completed her MFA at Accademia di Belle Arti in Turin, Lula Broglio works across a wide range of references, from geographical location to different centuries.


Lula often paints still lifes of everyday objects that she dresses of all extraneous detail, belonged to a different time and place. Rather than creating faithful depictions from nature, she uses innocuous subjects as springboards for an exploration into different cultures, in a spontaneous process with no boundaries.


In her works, there are no representation of the human being but his presence can be seen through different household items which refer to human society and historical memories. Different temporalities coexist in her works: a recent past and an almost archetypal dimension, a near future that merges in to a dystopian present.


The objects, protagonists of the works, are significant and relevant; their existence is no longer related to human use, thus becoming something original and new. Painterly precision, a vivid and saturated color palette with contrasted shadows coalesce into works that are ambiguous and seductive but, at the same time, continue a long-standing art-historical dialogue between observation and the imagination creating a physical and emotional limbo full of charm and complexity.


Details "Carnevale animale - L' Annunciazione " (2020)

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 "Il tempo dei segreti" (2021)

Oil on Canvas

160 x 180cm


"Carnevale animale - L' Annunciazione " (2020)

Oil on Canvas

160 x 180cm


Installation view Woolbridge Gallery

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