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Marco di Castri
Gianfranco Barberi

Marco di Castri  (was Milan 1952)
Since 1973 has been working as a musician with the Dedalus group. His interest in photography and cinema combined with a particular attention to the world of contemporary art led him, starting from 1982, to deepen the use of live cinema techniques in the artistic field. His experience developed together with Gianfranco Barberi in the Cataloga project, a publishing house specializing in documentaries on artists, exhibitions and museums that created with the Center G. Pompidou, in 1988, the first artist's video catalog in Europe (Tinguely -Jean Tinguely).

Gianfranco Barberi (born in Frossasco 1944), from 1969 to 1978 lives and works in Rome as a screenwriter for cinema and television.
The meeting with Mario Bava starts a real partnership. In 1984, together with Marco di Castri, he founded the Cataloga production company with which, over the course of a decade, he made numerous documentaries on some of the greatest contemporary artists.
Joseph Beuys's film contains the complete recording of the installation of "Olivestones", one of the artist's most celebrated works of art and one of the last before his death in 1986. The camera follows Beuys through all stages of the installation in a frescoed room of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Castello di Rivoli. We witness the transport of the heavy sandstone tanks that Beuys fills with olive oil and which look a lot like graves, graves positioned in different points of the room. 

"Joseph Beuys  - A New Idea of Art" 1984-1987
34 min, Video U-Matic, colore, original version Italian subtitles.

estratto Joseph Beuyes by Marco Di Castri e Gianfranco Barberi.jpg


Michelangelo Pistoletto: I Have a Mirror, You Have a Mirror,1988, 25 min,
Video U-Matic colore, Italian version english subtitles

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