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Domenico “Mimmo” Paladino, ( was born in Paduli, in 1948) is an italian artist living and working between Milan, Roma and Paduli. He is one of the main exponent of the Transavanguardia Movement. His initial conceptual research is later developed into a language that combines different cultural, mythical and iconographic references – such as fragments of figures, heads, or hands – Egyptian, Etruscan or early Christian art. He continues experimenting with materials and techniques, realizing installations, sculptures, engravings and paintings on different metals and materials. At the end of the 90s Paladino realizes several other pictorial cycles, in which the most problematic aspect of his research, continuous questioning of the language of art, becomes evident: geometry, fragmentation, multiplicity and accumulation of signs, together with sudden breaks and changes of register, which constitute some of the main threads of his work



Some of the past exhibitions

  • (2021) Cardi Gallery 

  • (2018) Madre Museum

  • (2014) GAM Bologna

  • (2011) Palazzo Reale Milano 

  • (2006) Museo Pecci, Prato 

  • (1980- 2015) Venice Biennale

  • (1987)  Documenta in Kassel 


Permanently collected by: 

  • MADRE, Napoli

  • Pegghy Guggenheim, Venezia

  • Collezione Maramotti, RE

  • Agsa Museum, Adelaide

  • NGV, Melbourne


"Witty", 73 x 60 cm, acrylic on canvas

"Untitled", 1990, 50 x 60 cm, oil on canvas

MIMMO PALADINO_woolbridge gallery
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