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Remy Deymier

Rémi Deymier (1993) was born and raised in south-eastern France, he began his studies in Montpellier at the Paul Valery University where he graduated in plastic arts in 2015. The following year he enrolled at the Academy of Fine arts of Venice, is currently pursuing a master's degree in painting.

In his latest works he tries to make the synthesis between figuration, abstract elements and the various pictorial languages ​​learned in recent years more and more coherent. It seeks the right balance in the intertwining of strong brushstrokes, abstraction, representation of animals, fragments of the history of art and vegetation. Dreamlike places are created, which the artist did not even know existed before painting them. In them the apparitions are to be read as in dreams: ideas freely take symbolic forms.

Le Chute des corps (2020)
oil on canvas

150 x 220 cm  2020

Remy Deymier

In cooperation with Galleria Poggiali

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