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Roni Horn ( was born in 1955 in NY) currently living and working in NY.

His artistic production, which spans for about forty years now, explores the changing nature of art through sculpture, works on paper, photography and books. Roni’s drawings focus on the materiality of the objects depicted, using also the written word at the basis of his drawings and other works. Horn creates complex relationships between the observer and his works, for example by placing a single piece on opposite walls, in communicating rooms or across a series of different spaces and buildings. Horn subverts the notion of “identical experience” by insisting that self-perception is determined by place in the “here-and-there” and by a time in the “now-and-then”. His works also combine the critical relationship between mankind and nature; a relationship similar to a mirror, in which we try to shape nature according to our image. 



Some of the past expositions: 

  • (2020) Fondation Beyeler, Basel

  • (2016)  De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art

  • (2010) Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston

  • (2010) Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston

  • (2009)  Tate Modern, London

  • (2009) Whitney Museum of American Art 


Permanently collected by: 

  • Panza Collection, Varese

  • Palazzo Grassi, Francois Pinault collection, Venezia/Parigi

  • Fondazione Beyeler, Basilea 

  • Castello di Rivoli, Torino

  • Tate Modern, London, UK 

  • MOMA, NYC 

  • Collection Yvon Lambert, Arles, Francia 

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC,

  • Guggenheim museum, NYC

  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

  • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

  • Tang Teaching Museum, 

  • Kunstmuseum Basel,

  • University of Michigan Museum of Art,

  • Museum of Modern Art

“Volpe artica (dittico) ”, 2000
75 x 75 cm each, color photography

RONI HORN_woolbridge gallery
RONI HORN_woolbridge gallery
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