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Tom Sachs (born in 1966 in NY) currently living and working in NY. He is an american sculpture artist.
He takes his inspiration from the collective American imagination, borrowing his subjects from among the status symbols of mass culture, and he mixes them with the symbols of American wealth. The objects he produces are a caustic parody of the unbridled consumerism, the wild rush for luxury goods, and the aggressiveness associated with contemporary society. In this manipulation of allusions, the artist ironically reinterprets the pistol used by police, icon of the exercise of control and repression, hand crafting a model in a reassuring sky-blue, signed with the mark of a famous jeweler. Similarly, a tray with a hamburger and fries ostentatiously displays a fashion label. Sachs also recreates rifles, military vehicles, and other objects that represent the exploitation of human labor, power, violence, control.

Some of the past exhibitions

  • (2022) Deichtorhallen Hamburg

  • (2017) Sperone Westwater, New York

  • (2010) Venice Biennial of Architecture

  • (2007) Gagosian Gallery, LA

  • (2006) Fondazione Prada Milano

  • (2006) Museet for Moderne Kunst, Oslo

  • (2003) Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin


Permanently collected by: 

  • Art, Design and Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • The Brooklyn Museum, NY

  • Faurschou Foundation, Copenhagen, 

  • Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

  • MoMA, New York, NY

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

"Golf bag with ties and knives" 
170 x 40 x 40 cm, 
wood, foam, paper

Tom Sachs_ sacca golf_woolbridge gallery
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