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Piotr Uklanski (born in Warsaw in 1968) is a Polish artist who currently lives and works between NY and Warsaw. He exploits multiple media (sculpture, photography, collage, performance, and film) and promiscuously absorbs diverse cultural references. Piotr Uklanski emerged on the New York art scene in the mid-90s with an emblematic work, the Untitled (Dance Floor)?a sculpture that integrates the legacy of minimalism with the blurring of art and entertainment that characterizes the current era. Uklański's willingness to take on potentially controversial subjects draws polemical reactions. The artist uses a variety of media, mediums, and materials, including paintings, collage, fiber, art, installation, and photography. Photography can be considered  one of his primary media


Some of the past exhibitions​​

  • (2020) MDC, Milano

  • (2015) MET Museum, NY

  • (2014) Gagosian Gallery NY

  • (2005) Galerie Perrotin, Paris  

  • (2014) Documenta


Permanently collected by: ​​

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

  • Museum of Modern Art, NY

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, NY

  • Guggenheim Museum, NY

  • Tate Britain, London

  • François Pinault Foundation, Venice

  • Kunsthalle Basel, Basel

"Untitled" (Crayon Shavings), 2006

 51 x 76 cm,  resin, pastels, plexiglas with adhesive film

Piotr Uklanski_ Crayon Shavings front.jpeg

"Untitled (Artic Whirlpool)"

 2006, 117 x 120 x 6 cm, resin, pastels, plexiglas with adhesive film

Piotr Uklanski.jpeg
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