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Vincenzo Irolli

Vincenzo Irolli (1860-1949 Naples), was an Italian artist.He approached painting at the age of seventeen once enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Among his references are the artists Gioacchino Toma and Federico Maldarelli. 
At the end of the Academy, his artistic career  reallybegins. In 1887 he participated in the National Artistic Exhibition in Venice and a little later, again in Venice, he exhibited at the XIII Biennale (1922). He was invited to participate in exhibitions in Europe including in Munich in 1890, and in Paris, where already in 1890 he had presented the works Maddalena Moderna, Dolore e Consolazione, he was called to exhibit at the Salon in 1907 and at the Salon d'Automne in 1909. Irolli's work was strongly linked to traditional painting, for this reason he was in a certain sense more appreciated by French and European critics who defined his work as “extrêmement habile” e “séduisant”.


Permanently collected by: 

  • GAM, Galleria d'arte moderna, Milano

  • Museo Civico Revoltella, Trieste

  • Museo di Belle Arti Mulhouse, Francia

  • Museo nazionale di Capodimonte, Napoli

  • Museo d’arte, Avellino

 “Idillio”, around 1910 

 118 x 200 cm , oil on canvas

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