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Yari Miele

Yari Miele ( 1977) Born in Cantù, Italy.
Works and lives in Milan
His research looks like an investigation into the experience of vision and focuses on the accumulation and return of light. Starting from a reflection on visibility, it questions the dialectic, also metaphorical and interior, between on and off, examining the relationship between looking inside and looking around in all its connotations and interrelationships.

The investigation therefore concerns the significance assumed by the ‘reflections’ on space as a physical and metaphorical entity and explores the sculptural effects of light and its negation: reflections that generate other forms, different, hidden, in the changing space: light suspended in the void, a reality almost impossible.The artist coloristically reconstructs the marble textures following the natural pattern of veins, inclusions and cavities.

He has always been fascinated by the figure of the dragon. Wondering what was its origins, is it reality or invention? From East to West the Dragon seems like a powerful creation of the imagination.



"Costellazioni" (2021) occhi neri, occhi rosa, occhi blu, occhi verdi.
blue, black, pink, green Marble

Yari Miele 2

Sculptures " Blue Dragon" from 2021

Yari Miele
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